Domestic & commercial Applications

wooden oven bricks

wooden oven bricks

Pizza & Wooden Oven Bricks

We supply a wide range of refractory supplies which provide effective insulation for high temperature applications such as the lining of pizza oven bricks, commercial fire bricks, wooden wooden oven bricks, ceramic kilns, castable, refractory cement, and many others. Our refractory firebricks suits commercial and domestic applications.

Our quality refractory bricks and materials can withstand high temperatures without getting destroyed or damaged. Our insulation materials ensure minimum heat loss and maximum safety.

pizza oven bricks

pizza oven bricks

Domestic Applications

Our products are the perfect solution for domestic applications such as:

  • Cooking: pizza and wood ovens, outdoor barbeques
  • Heating: wood fires, alfresco fireplaces, boilers, gas fireplaces
  • Construction: model trains, welding tables
  • Hobby Kilns: pottery, art or craft, jewellery making, growing medium hydroponics
  • Insulation: roof and walls
  • Incubation: substrate for various animals or incubation of eggs
commercial fire bricks

commercial fire bricks

Commercial Applications

Some of the many commercial applications of our products are:

  • Food industry : bakeries, restaurants and shops
  • Crematoriums : cemeteries including those for petsFacilities: schools, hospitals, laboratories and other facilities
  • Retail : hardware stores, building suppliers, barbeque suppliers, garden suppliers
  • Any industry where kilns are required

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